Are you between 20/30 years old? You are invited to join young Catholics from all over Europe for a week of camping trip in Ceresole Reale (at 1,550m, in Piedmont, Italy): let’s build Europe with our hands, our dreams and our faith!

Ceresole Reale (2)

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The creation of friendships between Catholics from different parts of Europe is at the core of the experience that we wish to offer you. Young people, as always, have one foot stretched forwards with boldness (towards the future) and so love to travel, go on cultural exchanges and get to know new cities by learning to feel like citizens of the world. They experience global friendships and contacts with dynamism, they get to known themselves through the experience of Erasmus, and often move to other states in order to fulfil their emotional or professional desires.

It is this receptiveness, that energises young people to push themselves beyond the barriers of their relationships and also of their nations, that also inspires us to share our Christian faith; it is part of the history of our people and together a personal and conscious choice awaits. It is the same receptiveness that requires a deep knowledge of oneself and together helps build a society that is open to dialogue and integration.

We are here to offer you an experience where it will be key to share one’s faith, nature’s beauty, questions on the meaning of one’s existence and the horizon of a continent (Europe) that boasts a unique history but that also awaits a refreshing breath of air.

We will be inspired by Pope Francis’s words.

During vocations week, 2-9 August, we will focus on the affirmation that “I am a mission on this earth, that this is the reason why I am here on this world” (Evangelii gaudium n. 273), knowing that the Lord calls us to freedom and fullness and authentic joy.

During socio-political week, we will see how it is ‘“ impossible for us to grow unless we have strong roots to support us and to keep us firmly grounded” (Christus vivit n. 179). We are young with roots, and therefore passionate about the present, ready to face the burning issue of protecting the environment with a broad, mature and informed vision that comes from the encyclical Laudato si’.

These themed weeks will be like a small mark along the common path that we are already taking as young people and as believers: the goal is not to be found in one single identical thought but rather in the desire for a debate that arises out of a fruitful encounter between the light of the Gospel and our culture, with the aim of simply living up to our responsibilities.

We invite you to sign up, and get in tune with these great aspirations. You will find further and practical information below.

WHO IS IT FOR: Young Catholics (from 20 to 30 years old) from different European Countries

2-9 August 2020 (vocation week): full details of the program will be available online soon.
9-16 August 2020 (socio-political week): full details of the program will be available online soon.

DEPARTING: Sunday 2nd and 9th August – Bus will leave from Bergamo at 12 midday, and from Milan at 1pm.
RETURNING: Sunday 9th and 16th August – Departing from the camp at Ceresole Reale at 12 midday, stopping at Milan and then Bergamo.

Those attending will have to arrange their own transport from their city/Country of origin to Bergamo and Milan; they will also have to arrange their own transport for the return journey from Bergamo and Milan back to their respective city/Country of origin (the cost of this is not covered in the registration fee).

LOCATION: Campsite at Ceresole Reale (ht.1,550m – Turin – Piedmont – Italy).


ONLINE REGISTRATION, AND PAYMENT OF THE REGISTRATION FEE: each person is required to fill out the registration form (not available yet) with their personal data.

Youth and University Service
Via S. Carlo, 2 – 20822 Seveso (MB)
Tel. (+39) 0362 647500 (for young Italian believers)
Tel. (+39) 324 7705250 (for young European – non Italian – believers)

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